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Can't work on things that are actually WIPs wryyyy. shockudownarrow

Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Forest Spiders (lol). But Nino once spent two Game Nikki entries ranting about how when he couldn't catch a Gargoyle he went to find an online walkthrough, and then when it told him the Gargoyle couldn't even be caught he was absolutely DEVASTATED. Oh, Nino.

Word: Fidget
Rating: Pretty safe? Might make you fidget?
Pairings: Ohno/Nino, the rest of Arashi

Nino grins as he watches Ohno bring his nose closer to the paper, tongue peeking out the corner of his mouth in concentration. They should've known better than to give Leader a pencil, really. At least this way Ohno is producing something instead of sitting there mentally absent.

"...so if Matsumoto-kun has anything to contribute, we can move on to that now..."

Nino's own fingers twitch in compulsive want for a DS. He tears his eyes away from Ohno and scowls. He jiggles his leg. He adjusts his position in the chair. He brushes his hair away from his eyes but it falls back anyway. Why is this meeting almost an hour now, Nino thinks despairingly, why. Like, he could've caught fifty Gargoyles by now.

Then he remembers you can't even catch Gargoyles. Whatever.

"...well, if we move that segment over to before the Juniors come in, the costume changes would be difficult..."

He looks around the table. Jun is actually participating, making the rest of them look bad by association. Sho is sitting on Jun's left to shoot down ideas potentially dangerous to their health (shut up, Nino, if I didn't do that you know we'd all be performing something like Yabai Yabai Yabai). Aiba has a much longer attention span than Ohno, but he's beginning to look hungry and that marks the end of that.

"...it wouldn't be too difficult to put the moving stage on the left after Lucky Man, I guess..."

Ahhhh. Nino crosses his legs, scratching at the inside of his thigh. He should probably be listening. But if three out of the five of them aren't listening, isn't it better to be in the majority? Nino's always up for excuses, even completely bullshit ones. He sighs under his breath and props his chin on his palm.

"...if Aiba-san can complete his costume change in three minutes, it's possible..."

That's when he realises Ohno is staring at him, eyebrows all crunched up and eyes squinched. Nino blinks back at him, nonplussed. Ohno makes a ridiculous Leader-ish face before looking back down. Nino mouths 'what?' across the table but Ohno's blocked out everything again. Dammit, Nino thinks. He sighs and shifts again in the chair. If not Gargoyles, maybe Forest Spiders?

The meeting ends eventually, like all meetings do. Nino stretches, taking the chance to whack Aiba on the back of his head lightly because that's always fun. He moves towards his things; there's still drama shooting before he can finally go home and be his normal boring self.

Ohno catches him before he gets there. Nino's tugged out the door and into a small side corridor. Ohno scowls at him. Nino scowls back.

Leader's voice is a whine. "Nino-chan."

"What," Nino repeats, flatly.

"You wouldn't stop fidgeting. I was trying to draw you, you know."

"Ah," Nino answers, taken aback, "really?" It's not often that Ohno draws from real models.

"Mmm, but," Ohno grins, "you wouldn't stop moving. Touching yourself here and here..." His hand moves up to Nino's forehead, brushing his bangs away. Nino leans his cheek into it briefly. It moves down to cradle Nino's shorter fingers, skin rubbing skin, then it gently pitches Nino's thigh. Nino breathes out and is about to kiss Ohno's smiling lips when he hears Aiba clattering down their way.


"You'll just have to stay still for me later," Ohno says into Nino's ear before he brushes past him and is gone.

Nino needs to go and catch some Forest Spiders right fucking now.

Word: Sofa
Rating: Safe like Aiba and lion cubs.
Pairings: Aiba+Jun, the sofa?

Jun glares down blearily. The long length of Aiba sprawled over the dressing room sofa doesn't disappear.

He understands that Aiba is tired (they all are), but that's no excuse for taking over the entire sofa when it's the only comfortable piece of furniture in the room.

"Hey, move over." He nudges Aiba's sock-clad foot.

"No," Aiba mumbles from the crook of his elbow, "don't wanna."

"Oh my god," Jun says. "Seriously." He picks up Aiba's legs and throws himself on the sofa, leaning his head back in relief. They flop back on his lap like limp noodles. The weight is almost negligible though, and he sits in blessed silence for a few minutes with Aiba breathing quietly to the side.

His eyes are closed when he feels Aiba shifting, the weight shifting off his lap and then something heavier falling into place. Jun looks down to see Aiba grinning up at him from his lap.

"Isn't this better?" Aiba says, nuzzling his cheek on Jun's thigh. "Member-ai!"

Jun grudgingly agrees that it is. But honestly, he was just in it for the sofa.
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