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Title: Just A Little Relief
Pairing: Sakumiya (i blame [livejournal.com profile] ferinough for this completely)
Rating PG-13?

Is there a time when you're yourself? Not anyone else but yourself?
There is. Speaking ill of someone sometimes. Setting myself free of something... then going to sleep.
(Ninomiya Kazunari, Jounetsu Tairiku)

"Nino?" Sho asks under his breath, but the other man doesn't answer. They're on a late-night train and even though there aren't many people around right now, it wouldn't do to be recognized. Nino is a pro at riding trains. Even if people notice him he acts like there's nothing to it. Sho can't remember the last time he'd ridden a train just to get somewhere. He guesses that's the difference.

"Nino?" There's no answer, but Sho wasn't expecting one. The lights of the tunnel flash dappled yellow over Nino's strained cheeks, his tired closed eyes and tightly drawn mouth. There's a hidden anger in Nino's arm where it presses up against Sho's side.

Nino does this sometimes. Sho doesn't mind.

"Sho." Sho looks at Nino's fingers where they're gripping his shoulder too tightly. "This is the stop."

"Ah, okay."

The streets are stained yellow and Nino's house has that sleepy house-feel to it. They enter quietly and slip their shoes off just the same. There's a covered plate of food in the middle of the table looking lost and lonely and the card leaning against it says, Wake me up in the morning before you leave, Love, 'Kaachan. Nino runs a fingertip over his mother's writing before he picks up the plate and sets it in the refrigerator.

The light spilling out of the device into the kitchen is a bright yellow.

"Come on, Sho-chan." They head to Nino's room (messily ordered and with the air of something abandoned in mid-pursuit, lyric pages, music notes, stacked packs of magic cards) and undress down to boxers and undershirts. The two of them lie down on Nino's small bed, shoulder to shoulder. A yellow light slips between the gap of curtains and paints a stripe over poster Matsujun's smile and Aiba's grin at the opposite wall.

They breathe quietly together before Nino turns over to face him, pillowing his cheek on his forearm. That's when Sho knows it's going to start.

"I don't like that director. If he didn't waste so much time between takes it'd be fine, but it takes forever. And did he say anything useful today? It was all 'blah, blah, blah,' like I need to hear that kind of shit when I have three other jobs after that. I hate him."

Sho sighs. He ducks his head to kiss the corner of Nino's mouth and puts his hand on Nino's warm hip. Nino is a nervous bundle of tension next to him, hurt and in some ways childish but completely serious and just Nino. "That's fine."

"Yeah," Nino answers vaguely, turning into Sho's touch. "Well, maybe it's only dislike." He lifts his fingers to the light creeping across the room as if he can touch it. Then he ducks his head and gives a chuff of laughter, like he can't believe himself. He climbs up on his elbows and then moves to cover Sho's body with his own. "Sho." He leans down.

Sho closes his eyes and opens his mouth for him.

Nino complains about many things, but he is never one who objects to the director or gives his opinions. They've pretty much grown up together, Sho and Nino, and Sho can understand why Nino feels it's safe to say these things with him. Even if it's just for a while, Sho is grateful.

He opens his eyes as Nino breaks the kiss, licking a hot trail down Sho's neck. Sho shivers and then he flips them until Nino is under him, wrists pinned to the pillow by Sho's hands. He leans down until they're nose to nose and draws out slowly, "Stuuupid."

Nino smiles abashedly. Sho brushes a knuckle over the corner of that smile. The yellow light of the rising sun fills the room. As Nino unfurls underneath him with gasps and moans, tension and anger draining in the heat surrounding them, Sho knows he's letting Nino be a little bit free.
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