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Holy crap! There are tons of submissions for the Ohmiya contest all of a sudden! I am so excited to see everything. hehehehe

ASJFJFHUGRGH. So bouncy. This made me feel better.

Also, dining hall food attacked me yesterday. I'm still feeling kind of queasy. (Someone make me feel better. With doodles? Or fic? Or love? ;n;) I can't even begin to explain my pain (onaka ga itaiii) as I sat there working through an extremely boring essay and extremely irritating Japanese homework last night. Let this be a lesson to myself - don't trust the Yukon Gold Potato soup even if it looks delicious. It will KILL YOU. It will KILL YOU and LAUGH. Weep.

Well. That was... interesting. I mean, I'm not instantly turned off from watching the second episode or anything. But for some reason, I'm tempted to say that I understood The Quiz Show better even without subs. :P It's kind of hard for me to get into Matsujun!dramas. I couldn't watch HanaDan at all - not because of him but because watching that plot in live action made me wince. Ayyy. And he's not a great actor, but I think the thing is that he's good by Japanese standards (putting emphasis on moments of emotions, drawing out expressions that shouldn't be realistically drawn out... very much Japanese TV) and not by what I'd consider good acting (something more subtle, like how Nino acts).

Well, on to episode 2. WHERE'S THE SMILING? I kid because I love.

Edit: WTF SMAPのTsuyoshi?! D:
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