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Title: from the beginning
Pairing: Ohno+Nino
Summary: They're debuting and Ohno, at age 18, has no idea what's going on anymore.
A/N: A small thing for [livejournal.com profile] aeslis who is super nice (and laughs with me at my ridic plot ideas lolol), and wanted a snuggly, rainy Ohmiya. I couldn't help but making them debut!age and, uh... oops? This might not be completely right? I'm sorry!

The hallway of the hotel in Hawaii has a large floor-to-ceiling window at one end with a polished steel bar in front of it. Rain slides down the outside of it in sheets. Ohno stands there, gazing out.

Ohno is full of doubts. To be honest, he's also kind of angry. The anger lies curled inside the empty pit of his stomach; it knows it can't do anything except move under his skin, prickling incessantly.

Why hadn't he taken the chance to quit before this happened? But he knows he can't blame dancing for making him love it so much that he had stayed.

Just the same as art, he loves the freedom of dancing. The company has never given him real freedom and now they're (four popular boys and him) debuting. Rationally he knows that he can't escape. His limbs that only want to dance are stiff, tied up by the lights of camera flashes in Hawaii.

He's also scared. Ohno can't help but remember that first year in Kyoto: just fifty guests in a hall meant for a thousand. And even before that, all the way from the start, not being acknowledged for his efforts. If anything it was some recognition that motivated him to keep dancing through Kyoto. What can he do now, trapped in a debut where no one knows who he is?

It's not only that.

Ohno knows of groups that smile pretty for the cameras while sniping at each other backstage, unable to stand their bandmates' presence. He has enough trouble smiling for the camera all by himself. He can't imagine spending years and years with these four boys (that's what a Johnny's debuted group means) who have, at least, gotten to know each other better while in Tokyo.

His hands clench around the bar and he lowers his forehead to rest on top of them, long bangs falling to blanket his face. Ohno's 18 and he has no idea what he's doing. But if there's anything that he knows about life, it's that sleeping can make problems go away for a while.

They might be a newly debuted group but they still have to share rooms. The room is dim and for a brief moment of relief he thinks he's all alone. Then he sees the small figure sitting crosslegged on one of the beds, curled around and focused intensely on a Gameboy. Ninomiya swings his head up as Ohno's entrance makes the door creak.

"Sorry," Ohno mutters. The rain slipping down the windows makes shadow patterns across Ninomiya's thin face before the other boy shrugs, turning back to his game. Ohno flops on the other bed and buries his face in the pillow.

Twenty minutes later he still can't sleep. It's not that Ninomiya's loud; rather, the quiet mumble of the rain on the windows and the problems within him aren't willing to let him go. Ohno sits up with a quiet sigh, hugging the pillow to his chest.

He's staring out the window at the blurry, rain-soaked view of the coast, wishing for a camera or a sketchpad or an empty room where he could dance, unfurling, when the bed dips beside him and Ninomiya's suddenly warm sitting against his side.

"I died," Ninomiya scowls, waving his Gameboy. "It sucked."

"Sorry," Ohno says again, bemused. He doesn't know Ninomiya well aside from a few meetings throughout the years; he only knows the other boy has made a good impact with acting. He's also noticed (if only in a search for someone kind of like himself) a shyness beneath Ninomiya's blatantness and occasional nervous tension. "...play again?"

"I guess that's a good idea," Ninomiya responds. Ohno's not really used to anyone leaning on him like this, much less a boy, but Ninomiya's quiet and only pressing buttons and it honestly feels kind of nice. It's kind of chilly in the room. Without thinking too much, Ohno drapes a blanket around both their shoulders.

"You're a lot more comfortable than Sho-kun," Ninomiya mutters suddenly. "He's got shoulders like a rock."

"Um, thank you."

"Ohno-kun," the other boy shifts beside him, one skinny knee against Ohno's thigh under the blanket, "did you know that Sho-kun and I wanted to quit? We tried."

"No," Ohno replies. "...really?" He hadn't. He had thought that the other four were genuinely happy about this; their smiles had looked real enough to him. It only emphasized how much he doesn't know them beyond being work acquaintances.

Ninomiya nods, chin sharp against Ohno's shoulder. "Yeah. But they got us fast, didn't they? One day I have enough saved up to quit and try something else and the next thing I know I'm in Hawaii." His smile is an interesting quirk of the lips, abashed but secretive.

Ohno agrees. It really was that fast, almost happening without him realizing it. It's painful.

"You know, it might not be that bad," Ninomiya says, speculatively. "With us five. Jun-kun is funny, isn't he? Aiba can be kind of dense but he's a really good friend. And you know Sho-kun already and he's interesting. "

Ah. It hits Ohno abruptly that Ninomiya's been trying to comfort him this entire time. The realization of that easy kindness is immense. He lowers his head and dares to lean towards Ninomiya, leaning on the other boy too; Ohno doesn't have good posture anyway. The other boy understands him.

Ohno's not really sure what to say. He's never been good with words. "... Thanks, Ninomiya-kun."

"Just Nino," Ninomiya shrugs the 'thank you' aside. Then he gestures the Gameboy like a trophy. "I don't really want to do it either, but we should work hard. Hey, do you play?"

"Nino," Ohno repeats. Then he blinks at the non-sequitur. "Not really."

In response Nino grins widely, shifting until the game is right under Ohno's nose. "Okay, okay, then just watch me beat stuff up. I'm really good at it."

The storm rages outside as Ohno spends the night awake with Nino under the blanket, shoulder-to-shoulder. He laughs softly at Nino's wide-eyed stares at the screen and occasional fits of swearing. He's still 18 and his life is still going towards some mysterious place that he can't even begin to imagine. It's still frustrating. But he's discovered Nino and if he can discover the other three, too, it feels like he'll be able to start from the beginning.
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