Mar. 8th, 2009

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Haha, I just watched the Hanamaru Cafe with Nishikido Ryo from October 2008, and he's the cutest thing since sliced bread. (Considering that I eat/cook only bread and rice in the dorms, bread is important and cute, okay?) Seriously, adorable. He's like a bobblehead and apologises for everything and kjdjdfjfh. Cute! I really enjoyed him in RnK.

ALSO. Burge Hall might be an okay name for a residence hall with the biggest number of partiers on campus but when you think about it as a name for a dining hall, it's really kind of unappetising, isn't it?! Sometimes the food is pretty tasty but when it's bad, it's really, really bad. It's usually the Chinese selection that's lethal. But I didn't even eat that today, and I feel like dying. DYING. It was a delayed attack, too.


It's kind of a tough time for people right now, yeah? Midterms and such before spring break. Next week for me is kind of difficult. Lit paper due on Monday (another paper! w-what w-w-why), two midterms on Wednesday and Friday for Intercultural Comm (aka me reading like 2/300+ pages of the book in hopes of memorising useful stuff for the exams since the lectures are useless), Japanese interview test thingy, just the mere fact that I have to go to Russian. I dislike my native language. Sorry. And then after the last exam on Friday, I fly home! Through Detroit. Hope I don't die. Hope everyone survives these next few weeks. Hope springs eternal.

Fanfi-paper writing time! Gogogo!!


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