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Title: A Short Love Story in Drabble Form
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Word Count: ~1,200
Summary: Ohno's an art student and Nino's a music student and together they've made beautiful things.
Notes: This starts off with the first drabble I wrote for the Ohmiya contest. And Ohno's mind more or less wrote itself? I can't decide if this is fluff or something more serious. You'll have to tell me!

It's the last dregs of summer. )
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These are a good idea! I'm obviously not going to crosspost this, since people on LJ know me already. I'm floweranza over on LJ as well; feel free to friend me if you want!

Hey, new friends! My name is Julia. I'm an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, currently double majoring in International Studies and Japanese. When I escape for the summer I'm going to be used as an (unpaid!) taxi service for ferrying little kids to hockey practices. If I don't straighten my hair I end up looking like Matsujun's worst hairdays. D: ... I adore funny things. ♥

Fill stuff out for me! :D )
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Posting from dreamwidth! Is this the beginning of something new and epic? :D

First of all: (probably) dumb Arashi-related question! Where do those little sketches of the members come from - I think Ohno did them? With the appropriate amount of attention paid to Sho's buckteeth? SOLVED! ♥

Next: Procrastination in the form of photos. )

Next, round 2: Pieces of fic that would otherwise never see the light of day. )

WHYYYY SOOOO FAILZ. I need to go do stuff for real!
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出来た!!!dfgjdfjhg THIS FIC WAS SO HARD ;n; this translation came out while i was writing this and i was like YES omg thx aiba&jun for saying you eat together ilu
confluence, n. 1. a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point. 2. the flowing together of two or more streams. Merriam-Webster.

Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] beckerbell!! :D hearts

Title: Confluence
Pairing: Aiba/Jun
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's become kind of a given (a funny Arashi inside joke) that no matter where you go in your private time, there's a good chance of Aiba being there.

Confluence )
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What the hell, I've updated almost every day in April. (Sorry if that's troublesome!) I've had this thing since 2004 (horror) but there were times I'd go months without updating. Mmm, so - darn you, Arashi! (hearts) And by extension, darn you hiatus-ing![livejournal.com profile] morimoli for getting me into Arashi! (heartshearts)

P.S. to self: maybe not the best idea to post unchecked fics around 4 AM when sleep-deprived. Also, knees hurt. Maybe a hotpad will help?

AnS #113 (haaay sneaky!Jun) )

Twitter! ...? )
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Title: from the beginning
Pairing: Ohno+Nino
Summary: They're debuting and Ohno, at age 18, has no idea what's going on anymore.
A/N: A small thing for [livejournal.com profile] aeslis who is super nice (and laughs with me at my ridic plot ideas lolol), and wanted a snuggly, rainy Ohmiya. I couldn't help but making them debut!age and, uh... oops? This might not be completely right? I'm sorry!

from the beginning )
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DRAWING FAIL. (I'm so sorry, Nino.) ...I shouldn't be really spending my time on this.

... D: )

I'm kind of aspiring towards writing snuggle!fic today. If only to make it up to Nino.


Apr. 25th, 2009 02:00 pm
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More tiny fic for you guys. Based on that latest Ousama no Buranchi (trans here) - it made me sad because Nino looked really kind of sad after Ohno ranked him last. D:

Pairing: Ohmiya... is it?
Word Count: ~280

argh )

ok back to work. ... Or something.
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YES. I was hoping to find something that would help me avoid my giant list of important stuff to do. Arashi never disappoints! Thanks HnA and VSA for helping me avoid important stuff.

O/T: I really like this song, but I read the short story ("Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?") based on it for my Lit class and I read it at night and I got so creeped out. The power of words is amazing, really!

O/T2: While I was writing this I was an idiot and spilled soda over the top part of my keyboard and a little bit of the screen. The keyboard's not a problem, but my screen now has a giant splotch of... something on the bottom right. It's noticeable when the screen is white. From everything I've read - I'll leave it open overnight and take out the battery. IDIOT. ;O;
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(a/n FRICK i wanted to finish the yamataro first i mean FACK i wanted to finish my homework firstttt what am i doingggg)

Title: Advantage
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: ...and anyway his thoughts derail completely when Nino sneezes, small hands flying up to cover his mouth. Cute, he thinks, too cute.

Advantage )
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Holy crap! There are tons of submissions for the Ohmiya contest all of a sudden! I am so excited to see everything. hehehehe

ASJFJFHUGRGH. So bouncy. This made me feel better.

Also, dining hall food attacked me yesterday. I'm still feeling kind of queasy. (Someone make me feel better. With doodles? Or fic? Or love? ;n;) I can't even begin to explain my pain (onaka ga itaiii) as I sat there working through an extremely boring essay and extremely irritating Japanese homework last night. Let this be a lesson to myself - don't trust the Yukon Gold Potato soup even if it looks delicious. It will KILL YOU. It will KILL YOU and LAUGH. Weep.

Re: Smile #01 )

Edit: WTF SMAPのTsuyoshi?! D:
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Guys, this is so much fun, I shouldn't be allowed to do this. I write up a list of pairings, vroom! the random word generator and it seriously creates hilarity.

Word: Tailgate
Characters: Sho+Nino, Sho's fear
Rating: Safe enough to save you money. (Hilarious Baystorm ref.)

Nino's weasel-y eyes are glaring over the steering wheel, intense and evil. )

Word: Gulping
Characters: Aiba+Jun, Aiba's fear?
Rating: It's only safe because Jun's a professional.

Jun is very professional. )

Word: Raisin
Characters: Ohno+Nino, their eternal gay, traumatized!Sho
Rating: Safe? Is it ever safe with them?

Nino opens his mouth wider, tilting his head back. )

Word: Couching
Characters: Aiba+Ohno
Rating: Sweet like chocolate. ;n;

Ohno has always thought that Aiba has the hardest image to play. )
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Global Exploration Day volunteering was too much fun! I gave a super simple explanation of kanji to about two sections of 75 elementary schoolers (3~5th grade) and then there was a game and it was so much fun. They're so cute. I'm freaking terrible at public speaking, but when it's just kids I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'm preeetty amazing. TO BE HONEST, I WANT TO DO THIS FOREVER. hint: jetjetjetjet

Moving on.

HahahaHAHAHA. (P.S. There is not going to be anything sensible in the stuff behind the cut. Please read it anyway.)
AnS #130 )

I want my Quiz Show!
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Can't work on things that are actually WIPs wryyyy. shockudownarrow

Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Forest Spiders (lol). But Nino once spent two Game Nikki entries ranting about how when he couldn't catch a Gargoyle he went to find an online walkthrough, and then when it told him the Gargoyle couldn't even be caught he was absolutely DEVASTATED. Oh, Nino.

Word: Fidget
Rating: Pretty safe? Might make you fidget?
Pairings: Ohno/Nino, the rest of Arashi

Nino grins as he watches Ohno bring his nose closer to the paper, tongue peeking out the corner of his mouth in concentration. )

Word: Sofa
Rating: Safe like Aiba and lion cubs.
Pairings: Aiba+Jun, the sofa?

Jun glares down blearily. )
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Ah, well, I haven't been posting much because there hasn't been much to post! Even though it's my own journal, I'm not really fond of writing about personal matters or anything like that. It seems boring even to me, which is why I've always failed at private diaries. I don't get any reflection out of writing about my day, haha. Oh, I don't spend any time thinking in my own head, either. Absolutely an empty space! hehehehe

Well, yesterday was fun, though. I hung out with two of my friends and it was a time of overall Japanese-ness? If I can say that? Out of everyone I've met during this year at college, the closest of them have been from the Japanese program. It's truly fantastic here. It's sizable but not overally big, and you can really get to know people. We went to Aoeshe, had yummy sashimi (the boat it came on seemed too big! sweat) and Korean food, and then it was time for shopping. By shopping I mean spending my last five dollars on Ramune and stuff at the Asian market next door to the restaurant. Priorities, gotta keep them. Ramune remains a mystery-tasting drink... it was damn hard to open, too. wrench

Then we watched Ryuusei no Kizuna? Right? Right, that's what we did. We were watching it out in the hallway with Pocky trash and Pepsi cans all around us. Is this the correct college lifestyle?? Hahaha, it garnered less weird looks than you'd think. I live on a living-learning community (International Crossroads), so we have fun events and are generally close for a college floor, I'd say. So it's not weird to see people sitting out in the hallway just hanging out.

Oh, my favorite (obscure) Arashi song has to be もどり雨 from the 黄色い涙 soundtrack. It's old style, and it's really pretty to me for some reason. Well, probably because it reminds me of the Russian bard songs I grew up with. That style of music remains really appealing to me. (I like 涙の流れ星 too.) I'm really looking forward to the big Russian Music Festival I'll be going to when this school year finally ends. A good description of it (in English!) can be found at this random journal entry. Drunk Russians singing songs around campfires, what more can you ask for?

I'm off to a volunteer training session on teaching kanji to elementary schoolers for Global Exploration Day! キャー!! Excited!
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1. Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] morimoli for my LJ header! heart1lovely It's ridiculously pretty and makes this layout even more worth it. :D

2. I have a 日本語 flashcard army. (LOL easily amused) I'm sure anyone who's studied Japanese or any other foreign language has looked at their own giant piles of flashcards and thought, "Well, shit, I'm really in for it now..." And after you finish making all of them, then you can start studying with them, and then writing kanji over and over and it still looks like a chicken scribble at the end and OMG FUN. No, it really is! All hail my flashcard army kk.

3. snowman = over(?)! sun = please! I love these emoji and am so easily pleased.

4. Recently watched Mayonaka no Arashi number, uh... 4? And as a teenager Ohno had some REALLY INTENSE EYES. Right? Wow. I mean, he still gets fierce (fiiiierce) nowadays when he sings and dances and generally acts sexy, but man did he have some striking eyes about eight or nine years ago. Really, really pretty!



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