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Awake at 6AM for a 7:30AM final (that will likely be disastrous). Oh boooooy. See, my dorm is kind of farther away from campus and I'm not the type of person that can just wake up, hop on a bus and go to class. I need time to get my one brain-cell mobilized!

Man, I've been watching Mago Mago Rowing Club Sho run into the water after the soccer ball over and over. It's a lot more fun than it sounds.

Doooo this! hehehehe

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I made it through the worst of it! Arashi!mitai YAY. Thanks to all of you guys for your love, it helped! lovely Finals are still around the corner, but pfft. I have the whole weekend to prepare for those. Honestly, now that I'm not running on a constant stream of panic (and all-nighters and trying to memorise stuff in a day and feeling bad about asking people to help me with moving D:), I feel kind of lost. Like, what, free time?! What to do... ok sleeping would be a good bet.

(P.S. Shoutout to [personal profile] morimoli who is super nice even if she insists she's mean. She and her dad came to help me move my stuff to storage with a giant truck at freaking 8:30 AM in the morning and the place was far away and my stuff was heavy and they were so nice djghdfkgh. ILU GIRL, my thank yous can't end. ♥)

YEAAAH. I beat this list up. Check it.

Only things left are finals and writing fic. フフフゥゥゥ。。。(Why this? Oh, because I was an idiot and even on four hours of sleep spread over two days I somehow [for some reason] started writing porn. EVIDENTLY THAT'S HOW I RELAX OKAY? Well, [personal profile] aeslis and [personal profile] mitsuchan have approved so far (\o/), so I'll finish up after finals? Or maybe because I'm irresponsible - before finals are done? Why is this whole thing in parantheses?)

Still haven't decided how I'm going to split/deal with LJ and DW, since I have different people friended on each, but I'll figure it out later. Uhm. Advice?
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HAY GUYS. arrowuparrowup

I have a crazy eight days of hell coming up with finishing papers, studying for exams, presentations and somehow getting all my crap into boxes and self-storage. Therefore - in order NOT TO DIE (it might be too late?!) - I might be a little inattentive with LJ/DW stuff for the moment. ...because living is awesome.

I know I just added a bunch of new people on DW (♥ to you!), so I'm sorry for this sudden sorta!hiatus. But ilu! Good luck to everyone else who is possibly finishing up school right now as well. :)

In response to this post I welcome spazzy gifs, porn, words of consolation, angry yelling, porn, funny stuff, and porn. J-just saying.


Apr. 16th, 2009 02:34 pm
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I love sunny Iowa weather! It's freakin' 70F/21C here. MAJI DE.sun

This is why I never get anything done. )

Two of my lectures got cancelled tomorrow. Life is kind of sweeeeet.
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Hey guys! Help me out for a bit!

I'm in an Intercultural Communications course this semester, and my last big paper is to analyze a movie scene in an intercultural communication-y way (oh, obviously). I have a few ideas for which movie to use, but I'm not a big movie person - so for all the intensive movie-watching people on my flist, what movies would you recommend that have interesting scenes of intercultural interaction?

Would really appreciate your suggestions, yoroshikuuu! sparkleslightbulb
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In other news... there's no other news yet. Sorry!
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I woke up around 8:30: started and finished a five page paper by 12:30. I went to class around 1:05: participated and came home by 4:40. I watched a movie around 7:10: finished it just now.

Well, there's all the weirdness out of my system! (Did you guys notice my w-poi alliteration?) It was a good day, though. The paper doesn't seem too shoddy, and t'was the last one I had to do until after spring break. Just exams left, now. As for what put me in a weird mood, I just finished watching Ao no Hono-o. I'm super picky about movies, even though I have no reason to be snobbish, and I really liked this.

For fic writers, I guess? Characterising Nino? )
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Haha, I just watched the Hanamaru Cafe with Nishikido Ryo from October 2008, and he's the cutest thing since sliced bread. (Considering that I eat/cook only bread and rice in the dorms, bread is important and cute, okay?) Seriously, adorable. He's like a bobblehead and apologises for everything and kjdjdfjfh. Cute! I really enjoyed him in RnK.

ALSO. Burge Hall might be an okay name for a residence hall with the biggest number of partiers on campus but when you think about it as a name for a dining hall, it's really kind of unappetising, isn't it?! Sometimes the food is pretty tasty but when it's bad, it's really, really bad. It's usually the Chinese selection that's lethal. But I didn't even eat that today, and I feel like dying. DYING. It was a delayed attack, too.


It's kind of a tough time for people right now, yeah? Midterms and such before spring break. Next week for me is kind of difficult. Lit paper due on Monday (another paper! w-what w-w-why), two midterms on Wednesday and Friday for Intercultural Comm (aka me reading like 2/300+ pages of the book in hopes of memorising useful stuff for the exams since the lectures are useless), Japanese interview test thingy, just the mere fact that I have to go to Russian. I dislike my native language. Sorry. And then after the last exam on Friday, I fly home! Through Detroit. Hope I don't die. Hope everyone survives these next few weeks. Hope springs eternal.

Fanfi-paper writing time! Gogogo!!
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Doot doot doot. Killing some time before my lit class. I had the worst insomnia last night - well, I think it's getting steadily worse, in case. My mind just keeps working away, except all it produced last night was fic so I got up around 4:30 AM after not sleeping and wrote 1,000 words on the fly. LOL GOD, DON'T KNOW ANYMOOO. (I can take naps during the day, though!) Today's schedule: lit, [insert eating here], Japanese, working on Japanese skit (lames), try to get someone to buy me chocolate. Another paper due on Friday. Work on it y/n? Y? N? I'll just stick to the chocolate mission.

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ferinough who stole it from a bunch of other people: Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

Well damn, this is easy for me since I never finish anything and have a whole .rtf file full of wips. Ret's go! )

Ahh-ahhh. I kind of want a boy right now. Or a girl. Either would be good. Want someone to hug!
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Woke up late today, saw that I had missed a class (but it was Russian, so no big deal), looked at my hair, decided that I wanted to kill it with fire (>:O), went back to sleep. Woke up a while later to see that I had missed this one woman's office hours for the 3rd time in a row, which takes talent. GJKDHFDKGH why so unlucky?!

This professor really is like a rodent, though. She has three different offices and is always in a different one, so by the time you've found her the office hours have already ended. And then she just changes them arbitrarily sometimes and ASKJDFFKFJF I will never manage to write this paper, will I? NO.

So! I watched some stuff (which is what made me wake up late, but whatever):

Uta no Oniisan - spoilers up to Ep. 5! )

V no Arashi - Ep. 1+2 )

'KAY, THAT'S ALL, BUS CATCHING TIME. And then Japanese quiz time! Nooooo...
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God, I'm the worst LJer ever. My bad, sorry! I seriously have trouble believing the daily events in my life are that interesting, though some fun stuff does tend to happen. Occasionally, you know. Sometimes, sometimes.

I saw a friend (a floormate? International Crossroads Communitymate? friend?) for the last time in a while a few days ago. He's going to study abroad in Japan! Our small group had another nabe party with him, and we gathered messages from people on the floor in a little notebook-kind-of-thing. It ended up looking nice, ahaha. Enjoy yourself, たっく。

Anyway, back to, uh - education, I guess? I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for in it. I'm not sure how to articulate my feelings about it, either. I enjoy humanities courses, but at this point they seem so vapid, like putting unnecessarily complicated terms to the obvious. Is regurgitating these words on exams worth the thousands my family is spending on my education? Whenever we get to apply it to something (like a case study!), I'm so happy, but we don't get to do that much in these introductory courses. Maybe I just need to be patient, but at this point I'm really fed up. Intercultural Communication was labeled an intermediate course, but it seems even more useless than the introductory course to anthropology was. And I'm very interested in it, which makes me even angrier. Has anyone else had these kind of feelings about classes?

On the upside, Japanese is good, Russian is frustrating as hell but alright, I guess, and Interpretation of Lit is simple but has managed to bring up the good feelings about English classes that high school butchered out of me over four years in only a few class meetings.

Haha. Anyway. I had an appointment for new glasses this morning, since my old ones are held together with tape right now. No, really. It's almost unnoticeable, but they've kicked the bucket. I RESCHEDULED the appointment, since it was at 10:30AM and buses don't start running till between 11 and 12. NO WAY AM I WALKING THERE IN 5F WEATHER LOL. (lol Iowa. But it's warming up next week, again.) My glasses are already held together by scotch tape ala Harry Potter, it can't get worse over another few days.


I'd post some Arashi fic snippets, but I'm waiting on [livejournal.com profile] morimoli. I'm sending glares in the direction of downtown! Glaaaaare! じー!
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Next semester schedule! Hope that image isn't too big.

I'm pretty happy with it, all told. As for myself, I can't wait to get home and see our tree. :)
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Zdrastvuyte! Faye sent me a nudge a day ago to update my journal, so here we are. Truthfully, I don't usually feel much like writing, but I've just gotten back from a strangely unmalignant family gathering that's lulled me into a state of content. Or whatever.

I'll use this space for the usual stuff... you (o, ambiguous reader!) must have noticed that I mostly post lists nowadays. Of favourites, or things I want to remember, or little observations I make because I'm still very much a people-watcher. And a place-watcher, of course. Kind of like Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book. I still need to buy that, Faye. Thanks for introducing it to me; it's a lovely, unblemished view into the past. On to the usual drivel!

Things I wish:
* That I could get the same enjoyment from writing as I used to. I'm not a bad writer, and I never was, but I do believe I used to be a better writer because I was so much more enthusiastic about what I wanted to express and the way in which I was doing it. There are so many things in my head I can only hope to adequately express. This is why I knew I would never be a creative writing major - because I can only hope, or wish, and cannot maintain the drive to do it.

* That I could ever manage to fully tell someone how much he meant and still means to me. It's funny that we knew each other at a time when I wasn't doing too well, yet I look back and that's been the only time in my life I've felt intellectually alive. The only time I had someone who honestly regarded me. I haven't felt like that since.

* That I could put the beauty of the universe into words. But that's the same as wish number #1, isn't it? I'm running out of material already.

Wishy-washy things:
I kind of don't want to go back to college so soon. I adore being at home. Don't get me wrong. I love Iowa, and I really like the people I associate with there. But, fundamentally, I am a solitary person. I love being there, but I don't love being there. Being constantly surrounded by people completely stresses me out. I like it here. There's my cat and I and a notebook and a sketchbook and my wishes. I'm good with that. But this is a wishy-washy thing - I do want to go back. There are things I need to do there, and people I want to be with.

I think I need to learn to appreciate myself more. I want someone to depend on, but I don't want to feel dependent on people to feel good about myself. That's a fair goal, right?

- J/Yulia
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Things I think are delicious:
* cream cheese on honey wheat bread
* hot chocolate
* the tea I make
* mint chocolate ice cream

Things I don't like right now:
* coughing
* my invaded personal space
* hangnails
* the difficulty of finding good eyeshadow

Things I like right now:
* Life Aquatic soundtrack
* contact between people far away from each other
* my college choice
* taxis

People are:
* confusing
* unattractive
* attractive
* sometimes both
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Hey, flist! Don't know if there's anyone reading, but I'm sorry for the utter lack of postage recently, especially after such a big change in my life and location. So, first things first!

I really love this place. I don't know what else to say - I have photos of some hijinks uploaded on Facebook, and the only reason there haven't been many of me up yet is because people haven't uploaded them. Go kick their asses if you want photos. I'm enjoying myself and even though today is a rainy day, I still found humour in waiting for the Cambus with 15 other sodden students. Or horror, whatever your perspective is.

The sharp turn from Dubuque St. to Church St., followed by an even sharper turn on Church St. I was kind of thinking about getting a job driving the buses until I saw how fucking insane this turn is. Nevertheless, the bus system is amazing here; you can read up on it here.

People are cool. I like my hall and the people on it - well, the people who have fun at two A.M., and who run down the hall as the RAs from downstairs come up to yell at us. I do wish I were getting more sleep. Sleep deprivation has always been one of the causes of my depression, but I know the signs, so don't worry. (And I'm much more concerned about myself nowadays than I was before, too.) I also think college is turning me into a vegetarian. Sure, I'll eat meat, but not the dining hall meat. The food is fiiine, but I trust the salad much more than the dubious looking mystery in the steel tin, kthx.

Iowa is a great state with a lot of pride. Don't knock it. Learn where it is on a map, please? It's really not that hard to not confuse it with Idaho or Ohio.

All in all, I'm a fortunate person. Nowadays I like to think of the glass as more half-full than half-empty. Maybe I've been annoying some people with cheeriness, but I think undue cynicism is disgusting and unnecessary.

A shout-out to Kellie and Paul - thanks! You guys are awesome!
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Apparently, since he has work, Dad changed his mind. We're not leaving at noon and then getting a motel for the night. We're leaving sometime in the evening, since he wants to drive through the night (crazy) and then switch off with Mom/me to get some sleep during the day. IMHO, this is just asking for an accident. If I never arrive in Iowa, you all know why. Either that or the corn ate us.

I'm bad at sleeping in cars, and I'll probably get there looking like the freshly risen dead. Ah well. I'm hating these sixteen-hours-of-damnation ahead of time. S'all good.

Once again, relationships are weird. Weirder finally getting confirmation that someone had a big fat ole' crush on you a while back, and still kind of does. I don't usually write about such personal stuff here but, well, in this case, it's weird. (Sorry, no drama here.) And if I say anything else, I'll probably get shot at by people for lambasting my own self-esteem.

Webcomics I really like:
* As If!
* Cascadia
* Girls With Slingshots
* Reman Mythology
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This is my official WTF/freakout icon now. Haha.

Okay, so I've been mellow up to this point, but I just realised that August is going by and that July is totally gone and adlkfldfjlefkj!! Ahh! July was so slow, but now that I've actually got stuff to do in August, the days are going by like there's a sieve in them.

Holy crap. I only have thirteen days left.

P.S. I fail at contributing to fandom.
P.P.S. My roommate wrote back! Hooray!
P.P.P.S. My tooth hurts, ay.
P.P.P.P.S. I'm not a great or aspiring writer, but I'm still glad I'm going to Iowa.

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Uhm, okay, okay. My brain just BSOD-ed on me.

I know a lot of you guys on my flist are older than me/have seen it all/are probably taller, blahblahblah. As you go/went through college, how did your thoughts or plans about employment/internships change or adapt?


Jul. 26th, 2008 02:57 pm
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Got my roommate and DS today! I am happy squared.

Zhizhou He
Shenzhen Guangdong

Clipped some actual address stuff. Well, I sent her an email, so we'll see how it goes. [grins]
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The University is delighted to announce that Mayflower Residence Hall will be open and ready for move-in by August 23, 2008, as originally planned. The building has passed all structural inspections and University Housing staff, flood recovery employees, and contractors have been working in the building since June 28 to determine necessary repairs. We’ll be working 24/7 to ensure that the building is ready to go this fall.



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