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DRAWING FAIL. (I'm so sorry, Nino.) ...I shouldn't be really spending my time on this.

... D: )

I'm kind of aspiring towards writing snuggle!fic today. If only to make it up to Nino.
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First was (mostly) Tsuchiya Yuuichi, then it was KAT-TUN, so now I guess we're moving on to Arashi! Yaaay! These posts are excuses for me to spam Youtube videos that I find funny/interesting/important/BASICALLY AN EXCUSE TO POST CLIPS LOL.

Douzo!! Arashi videospam, go! )

Aiba-chan doodle! )
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HEY RANDOM ANIMALS + a person. )
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Okay, okay. I'll stop the silly 'yeah, this is for one day back' excuse thing. This post is for June 11th, so there!

1. Things I liked that I didn't think I would like.

* Danny Phantom: For some reason (probably due to my questionable taste in everything, questionable not necessarily being bad but just odd), I really ended up liking this Nick Toon. The first few episodes, anyway. I miss the days of old-school Nickelodeon, but there have been some good ideas lately that I haven't been able to ignore due to my aforementioned questionable taste.

* Detective Conan: The initial premise interested me, but the interest waned a bit after I saw the first few episodes. And then the interest and love for dorky shrunken detectives SNOWBALLED. The series is hella, hella long, but it's good - and it teaches a lot. Seems to be going into some serious story arcs now, manga-wise.

* Gilmore Girls: Yeah. I used to make fun of people for liking this show. And then I realised I couldn't judge if I hadn't seen it, so I had to take a peek, and I realised... yeah, it was girly, it wasn't that different, but it carried itself pretty well and wasn't a horrible show like so many are. I'm not enamoured with Gilmore Girls, but I do like the series.

2. Things I didn't like that I thought I would like.

* Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Okay, to be honest, this series freaked the shit out of me. I also didn't like the CLAMP-designed characters, strangely enough, and it didn't help towards making it appeal to me. The strange violence and odd psychology in this series were, in my opinion, in large part superfluous, and the psychology itself was hardly as sophisticated as in Death Note or something of the sort. I was not impressed.

* Homestyle Pancakes (Aunt Jemima): Okay, seriously, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS. I bought them because I couldn't find the Buttermilk kind and I was like, "Ooh, you know, this'll be good! Variety is good for everyone!" But ALAS, NO. IT WAS AWFUL. They tasted bad and even an (un)healthy dousing of maple syrup couldn't help it. I cried bitter tears about being unable to enjoy my pancake lunner.

* 20th Century Boys: Sometimes a manga that I thought I would like based on the first few chapters just doesn't... go. I don't generally force myself to read or watch things that I don't like, but someone had recommended it to me, so I tried to give it a try. Ultimately, though - gave up.

3. Tomorrow's the last real day of school for me. Eh. Whatever. High school's over, now on to the next chapter. :) I have to pick up my art stuff from various rooms - I wonder if I'll remember?

4. I'm a dork. And I illustrate fanfics that I really, really like, such as this one: Windfall by Ysabet. Check out the !!supercute!! thing I tried to draw in the manga style (dork, dork, dork...). )

5. Holy crap, is this long or what? And I haven't even said anything remotely interesting!

6. Happy Hump Day.
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Haha. It's just pen. And it's getting bigger, so this'll be updated, I guess. :P
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Page-spread. )
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Post-it doodles! Naruto + One Piece. )

Ehehe, these are cute.
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Doodle-dump time!

Drawn with the best pen EVER.

Random pencil things.

Luffy from One Piece - being himself.

Grouchy Naruto.

That's all!
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Two doodles from math.

My friend said this looked like a child molester. [lol]

'Daz all!
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Random Naruto doodles. )
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Math was alright, but I was irritated after it finished because I knew I had to go to Chem.

So, I drew Draco Malfoy. He looks pretty Slytherin-ish, yeah?

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More arty-mcfarty. )
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Rushed doodly things. )

It snowed! A little.
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Yet another doodle dump. )

The reason I do these is because most of them are on schoolwork (heh), and I don't want to lose them when I throw the schoolwork away after the year is over.

So, which one did you like most?


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