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Title: A Short Love Story in Drabble Form
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Word Count: ~1,200
Summary: Ohno's an art student and Nino's a music student and together they've made beautiful things.
Notes: This starts off with the first drabble I wrote for the Ohmiya contest. And Ohno's mind more or less wrote itself? I can't decide if this is fluff or something more serious. You'll have to tell me!

It's the last dregs of summer. )
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出来た!!!dfgjdfjhg THIS FIC WAS SO HARD ;n; this translation came out while i was writing this and i was like YES omg thx aiba&jun for saying you eat together ilu
confluence, n. 1. a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point. 2. the flowing together of two or more streams. Merriam-Webster.

Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] beckerbell!! :D hearts

Title: Confluence
Pairing: Aiba/Jun
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's become kind of a given (a funny Arashi inside joke) that no matter where you go in your private time, there's a good chance of Aiba being there.

Confluence )
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Title: from the beginning
Pairing: Ohno+Nino
Summary: They're debuting and Ohno, at age 18, has no idea what's going on anymore.
A/N: A small thing for [livejournal.com profile] aeslis who is super nice (and laughs with me at my ridic plot ideas lolol), and wanted a snuggly, rainy Ohmiya. I couldn't help but making them debut!age and, uh... oops? This might not be completely right? I'm sorry!

from the beginning )


Apr. 25th, 2009 02:00 pm
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More tiny fic for you guys. Based on that latest Ousama no Buranchi (trans here) - it made me sad because Nino looked really kind of sad after Ohno ranked him last. D:

Pairing: Ohmiya... is it?
Word Count: ~280

argh )

ok back to work. ... Or something.
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(a/n FRICK i wanted to finish the yamataro first i mean FACK i wanted to finish my homework firstttt what am i doingggg)

Title: Advantage
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: ...and anyway his thoughts derail completely when Nino sneezes, small hands flying up to cover his mouth. Cute, he thinks, too cute.

Advantage )
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Guys, this is so much fun, I shouldn't be allowed to do this. I write up a list of pairings, vroom! the random word generator and it seriously creates hilarity.

Word: Tailgate
Characters: Sho+Nino, Sho's fear
Rating: Safe enough to save you money. (Hilarious Baystorm ref.)

Nino's weasel-y eyes are glaring over the steering wheel, intense and evil. )

Word: Gulping
Characters: Aiba+Jun, Aiba's fear?
Rating: It's only safe because Jun's a professional.

Jun is very professional. )

Word: Raisin
Characters: Ohno+Nino, their eternal gay, traumatized!Sho
Rating: Safe? Is it ever safe with them?

Nino opens his mouth wider, tilting his head back. )

Word: Couching
Characters: Aiba+Ohno
Rating: Sweet like chocolate. ;n;

Ohno has always thought that Aiba has the hardest image to play. )
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Can't work on things that are actually WIPs wryyyy. shockudownarrow

Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Forest Spiders (lol). But Nino once spent two Game Nikki entries ranting about how when he couldn't catch a Gargoyle he went to find an online walkthrough, and then when it told him the Gargoyle couldn't even be caught he was absolutely DEVASTATED. Oh, Nino.

Word: Fidget
Rating: Pretty safe? Might make you fidget?
Pairings: Ohno/Nino, the rest of Arashi

Nino grins as he watches Ohno bring his nose closer to the paper, tongue peeking out the corner of his mouth in concentration. )

Word: Sofa
Rating: Safe like Aiba and lion cubs.
Pairings: Aiba+Jun, the sofa?

Jun glares down blearily. )
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->> HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] ferinough!! <<-

I can't draw and scan you pretty pictures, so I wrote a drabble based on [livejournal.com profile] ruisetsuna's awesome maid pic instead. XD! Enjoy!

Title: Part-time Jobs
Pairing: Sakumiya
Rating: FILTHY
A/N: LOLOL I write so much faster for birthdays, apparently! Happy birthday, Ferin! ♥

Nino doesn't know how they got here exactly, but at this point it's not much of a concern. )
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Whateverrr. )

Title: Lifeguard!Jun, Part 1/?
Rating: Safe, for now!
Pairings: Eventually. For now, Aiba/Komodo dragons.
Summary: "Matsumoto-kun," his manager continues, gravely, "I know it's not like you anyway, but you have a month before it's officially announced and promotions begin. Look, I have to go, but please... please don't do anything strange during this time."

Jun, could you chop the onions? )
A/N: Jun is remarkably sane to write. ♥
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Title: How Ohno Makes Nino Be Nice
Rating: Safe!
Characters: Everyone. Ohmiya?

It wasn't true that Ohno enjoyed eating mostly anything. )

AN: (Two papers later, I'm alive! Sort of, kind of? I don't have that much homework this semester, but the amount of papers is crazy. Ahh! Well, this isn't what I've been working on, but it's a cute little thing so I'm posting it.)


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