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Squick rant. )

This week is madness. Madness. On the upside, Lifeguard!Jun (this thing still doesn't have a title and it's ~12000 words now, don't know whether to laugh or cry) just did something dashing. You go, girl.
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Whateverrr. )

Title: Lifeguard!Jun, Part 1/?
Rating: Safe, for now!
Pairings: Eventually. For now, Aiba/Komodo dragons.
Summary: "Matsumoto-kun," his manager continues, gravely, "I know it's not like you anyway, but you have a month before it's officially announced and promotions begin. Look, I have to go, but please... please don't do anything strange during this time."

Jun, could you chop the onions? )
A/N: Jun is remarkably sane to write. ♥
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Anyway, a movie I watched recently was Go!. I really liked it, and I could identify with the main character's search for his identity (see totally pointless post under this one). Not his delinquency, though, don't worry. I recommend it, so see it if you have time!

Uhh. Also. I'm completely addicted to the Memories feature, even though it's the most retarded thing on the planet and extremely hard to change if you want to move things around. CAN'T HELP IT, THOUGH. Auuuugh! I also have the most anal system of memming but I guess it makes it easy to find things, as it were. And if you're wondering what kind of fics I'd rec to others, it's pretty much anything I've added to memories.

SPRING BREAK = fic writing time! By the waaaay, lifeguard!Jun (lol I'm writing this but it still makes me laugh) part 1/? is pretty much done so it'll go up, uhm, tomorrow? It's not all comedy, but I started it to get away from my Nino stuff for a while since that jerk gives me trouble. Srs business.

If only I gave my college papers such consideration.


Mar. 14th, 2009 05:13 am
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AHH, アアア、I HAVE A HOCKEY MOM! She just got up at 4:45 AM to take my brother to hockey! Crazy!

It's 5:15 now, and I got home from Iowa (where I go to school!) to New Jersey (where I live) about six hours ago. Can't sleep, though. Hyped up. Maybe bad Quiznos sub? But in any case, my mom and my brother just got up at the asscrack of dawn to spend all day doing hockey and I HAVE A HOCKEY MOM WHO WAKES UP AT 4:45AM ON SATURDAY TO DO THIS, IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT? I just had to post about this?? Right?

(My mom has Livejournal so she'll likely see this, IT'S NOT RIGHT, MOM.) (lolol I'm kidding, you're great.)

Oh god, I need to sleep. Fic coming soon, whatever. Cue: lifeguard Matsujun with Baywatch music and swinging junk in his shorts. No, it's more serious than that, kind of.


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