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Ughhh. Today was dreadful. (Yesterday was fun and social. I'm not always like this!) It was so boring that I didn't even feel motivated enough to go find something to do and it snowed today, LOL IOWA. I'm in college but acting like a NEET! That's bad!

Actually, I wanted to eat dinner with some friends, but that venture ended disappointingly. (It never happened.) I guess I looked like I was starving, since my roommate whom I don't speak with much (we get along, but she's a Chinese exchange student who hangs out with other Chinese exchange students) gave me some convenience store sushi. Big thanks & it tasted fine! But not exactly a filling meal.

I'm really looking forward to this Ohmiya fic contest. GUYS, WRITE GOOD STUFF, OKAY? I MADE PROGRESS OF APPROXIMATELY TWO WORDS TODAY. Don't let me downnn.

AAA Kokuritsu! Big success! )

My mom + Arashi. Fateful showdown? )
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01. S-SHO-CHAN PUT SOME CLOTHES ON (n-n-no, don't) ---g-g-goodness.

02. Totally unrelated to that (and may it never become related, honestly), I'm driving up to my dad's work tomorrow and we're going to have lunch! So fun! This has been a good break. Besides the whole 'yay, I love my dad ♥' thing, it's also the attributes of a college student come home and happy to have people pay for her food again... wonderful. Sorry guys, for the past 18 years I've been a freeloader, and as of yet it sees no end! Om nom nom.

03. New layout, props to [livejournal.com profile] allwashedout. I've been considering starting one of those scrapbook posts (they look fun!), but I don't know when all my current LJ settings started, so I thought I should start over from the beginning orrr sumthin'.


TOO SPARKLY, CAN'T STAND IT. (Gif by [livejournal.com profile] amnostashima.)

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Mar. 14th, 2009 05:13 am
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AHH, アアア、I HAVE A HOCKEY MOM! She just got up at 4:45 AM to take my brother to hockey! Crazy!

It's 5:15 now, and I got home from Iowa (where I go to school!) to New Jersey (where I live) about six hours ago. Can't sleep, though. Hyped up. Maybe bad Quiznos sub? But in any case, my mom and my brother just got up at the asscrack of dawn to spend all day doing hockey and I HAVE A HOCKEY MOM WHO WAKES UP AT 4:45AM ON SATURDAY TO DO THIS, IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT? I just had to post about this?? Right?

(My mom has Livejournal so she'll likely see this, IT'S NOT RIGHT, MOM.) (lolol I'm kidding, you're great.)

Oh god, I need to sleep. Fic coming soon, whatever. Cue: lifeguard Matsujun with Baywatch music and swinging junk in his shorts. No, it's more serious than that, kind of.


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