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Posting from dreamwidth! Is this the beginning of something new and epic? :D

First of all: (probably) dumb Arashi-related question! Where do those little sketches of the members come from - I think Ohno did them? With the appropriate amount of attention paid to Sho's buckteeth? SOLVED! ♥

Next: Procrastination in the form of photos. )

Next, round 2: Pieces of fic that would otherwise never see the light of day. )

WHYYYY SOOOO FAILZ. I need to go do stuff for real!


Apr. 25th, 2009 02:00 pm
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More tiny fic for you guys. Based on that latest Ousama no Buranchi (trans here) - it made me sad because Nino looked really kind of sad after Ohno ranked him last. D:

Pairing: Ohmiya... is it?
Word Count: ~280

argh )

ok back to work. ... Or something.
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YES. I was hoping to find something that would help me avoid my giant list of important stuff to do. Arashi never disappoints! Thanks HnA and VSA for helping me avoid important stuff.

O/T: I really like this song, but I read the short story ("Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?") based on it for my Lit class and I read it at night and I got so creeped out. The power of words is amazing, really!

O/T2: While I was writing this I was an idiot and spilled soda over the top part of my keyboard and a little bit of the screen. The keyboard's not a problem, but my screen now has a giant splotch of... something on the bottom right. It's noticeable when the screen is white. From everything I've read - I'll leave it open overnight and take out the battery. IDIOT. ;O;
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Ughhh. Today was dreadful. (Yesterday was fun and social. I'm not always like this!) It was so boring that I didn't even feel motivated enough to go find something to do and it snowed today, LOL IOWA. I'm in college but acting like a NEET! That's bad!

Actually, I wanted to eat dinner with some friends, but that venture ended disappointingly. (It never happened.) I guess I looked like I was starving, since my roommate whom I don't speak with much (we get along, but she's a Chinese exchange student who hangs out with other Chinese exchange students) gave me some convenience store sushi. Big thanks & it tasted fine! But not exactly a filling meal.

I'm really looking forward to this Ohmiya fic contest. GUYS, WRITE GOOD STUFF, OKAY? I MADE PROGRESS OF APPROXIMATELY TWO WORDS TODAY. Don't let me downnn.

AAA Kokuritsu! Big success! )

My mom + Arashi. Fateful showdown? )


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