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Ah, well, I haven't been posting much because there hasn't been much to post! Even though it's my own journal, I'm not really fond of writing about personal matters or anything like that. It seems boring even to me, which is why I've always failed at private diaries. I don't get any reflection out of writing about my day, haha. Oh, I don't spend any time thinking in my own head, either. Absolutely an empty space! hehehehe

Well, yesterday was fun, though. I hung out with two of my friends and it was a time of overall Japanese-ness? If I can say that? Out of everyone I've met during this year at college, the closest of them have been from the Japanese program. It's truly fantastic here. It's sizable but not overally big, and you can really get to know people. We went to Aoeshe, had yummy sashimi (the boat it came on seemed too big! sweat) and Korean food, and then it was time for shopping. By shopping I mean spending my last five dollars on Ramune and stuff at the Asian market next door to the restaurant. Priorities, gotta keep them. Ramune remains a mystery-tasting drink... it was damn hard to open, too. wrench

Then we watched Ryuusei no Kizuna? Right? Right, that's what we did. We were watching it out in the hallway with Pocky trash and Pepsi cans all around us. Is this the correct college lifestyle?? Hahaha, it garnered less weird looks than you'd think. I live on a living-learning community (International Crossroads), so we have fun events and are generally close for a college floor, I'd say. So it's not weird to see people sitting out in the hallway just hanging out.

Oh, my favorite (obscure) Arashi song has to be もどり雨 from the 黄色い涙 soundtrack. It's old style, and it's really pretty to me for some reason. Well, probably because it reminds me of the Russian bard songs I grew up with. That style of music remains really appealing to me. (I like 涙の流れ星 too.) I'm really looking forward to the big Russian Music Festival I'll be going to when this school year finally ends. A good description of it (in English!) can be found at this random journal entry. Drunk Russians singing songs around campfires, what more can you ask for?

I'm off to a volunteer training session on teaching kanji to elementary schoolers for Global Exploration Day! キャー!! Excited!


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