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Apparently, since he has work, Dad changed his mind. We're not leaving at noon and then getting a motel for the night. We're leaving sometime in the evening, since he wants to drive through the night (crazy) and then switch off with Mom/me to get some sleep during the day. IMHO, this is just asking for an accident. If I never arrive in Iowa, you all know why. Either that or the corn ate us.

I'm bad at sleeping in cars, and I'll probably get there looking like the freshly risen dead. Ah well. I'm hating these sixteen-hours-of-damnation ahead of time. S'all good.

Once again, relationships are weird. Weirder finally getting confirmation that someone had a big fat ole' crush on you a while back, and still kind of does. I don't usually write about such personal stuff here but, well, in this case, it's weird. (Sorry, no drama here.) And if I say anything else, I'll probably get shot at by people for lambasting my own self-esteem.

Webcomics I really like:
* As If!
* Cascadia
* Girls With Slingshots
* Reman Mythology
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Things I still need to buy:

Favourite screencap of the moment: This made me crack up. (from iroh.org)

Favourite series of the moment:
* One Piece
* Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Doctor Who & Torchwood
* I've lost all credibility by now
* House M.D.
* Inda series (Books are great for you!)

Things I don't quite get the hype about:
* Twilight. Sorry? I really can't stand this series. Feel free to ask me why.
* The Dark Knight. I thought it was a good movie, and that Heath Ledger's performance was particularly fantastic, but I didn't think the movie overall was as awe-inspiring as a lot of people are saying it is.
* John McCain and Barack Obama. YEAH SUCK IT BOTH OF YOU. I'm actually pretty interested in the election, but the ad campaigns (lol) and feeble attacks (fail) are getting ridiculous. C'mon, McCain, if you really want to attack Obama, don't wildly insult the Christians in an attempt at wry humour. Fail. And Obama, you! Agree to some debates already! Fail.
* Crushes, especially on straight girls. Damn me.

Favourite blog-ish things:
* The Sartorialist
* Style Bubble
* Illustration Art
* The Big Picture
* Human Variation
Most of these were recced to me by other people. Thanks guys! I really enjoy them.
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Written By The Victors - SGA

This is some of the most amazing writing. I stayed up nearly the entire night reading this, it having made me euphoric in only the way good writing can. Sci-Fi usually does make the most interesting breeding grounds for good ideas, but it takes skill to carry them out. If someone else tells me that fanfiction could never be a worthy literary work, I'll just have to shove one link in their faces.
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This is the AMV Rec Post, in which I dorkily recommend AMVs (generally located on YouTube) for our mutual nerdish benefit. It'll be updated whenever I find something else that's cool/well made/asskicking. Don't laugh at my seriousness about reccing these because I like them for a reason and SO.

Watch out for series spoilers.

Naruto )

One Piece )

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Why? Because I'm not ashamed to be a watcher of this stuff. [laugh] And I'm bored. I'll update this list as I, er, see more series. We're talking animated things that go into the category, not simply Japanese animation. Things with a ♥ are greatly recommended.



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