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I fail at posting often. But I'll try harder, I swear! No, really...


The shoes I'm wearing to graduation! They look great, but you should see what these little nasties do to my toes. The graduation dress requirements were white shoes, with straps - so of course, I had to subsequently go and spend money on the high school again, even in the last dregs of it all. Only consolation is that a large part of the ceremony is, after all, just sitting. My last name starts with 'U'. Lots and lots of sitting.


Kayaking on the Lehigh was fun, like usual. We went on the easier section (the upper), and that has pretty basic Class II-III rapids. Going on the lower section when the kiddo isn't with us! (Mark gets cold so easily; after about an hour of kayaking, he's just sitting there and shivering and being miserable.) The fun of it all is getting SPLASHED, hello! Anyway, I'd brought The Fox by Sherwood Smith along with me to this annual Dad's camping/kayaking thingamabob. Since I'll be getting the third book in the series soon (King's Shield), I thought I'd reread the prior. And it's sooo good... I was annoying people by trying to hurry the cars up so I could get back to it at the campsite and read.

3. I often forget how tenuous online friendships are. After you meet someone in real life, though, the 'acquaintance' on the other side definitely becomes more real to you. But it's just a sort of funny to-and-fro until then...
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Sorry! I'm kind of showing off. But they're pretty good, and I'm so happy! This is the first time I've done well in school in like a loooong time, so yeah, I think I can be self-entitled a little! My GPA got the much-needed jump that I'd been working towards.


Jun. 10th, 2008 08:08 am
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Crap! This post is meant for June 9th, then. I'm bad at this.

1) Things I'm buying soon:
* King's Shield by Sherwood Smith. You knew this was coming and you were eagerly looking forward to it, weren't cha? Weren't you? Why, yes, because the Inda series is beyond fabulous.

* Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik. You were also looking forward to this one - and it's coming out only seven days later! Fantastic! Possibly the best birthday gifts ever.

* Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt. Oh baby.

* Western Digital 500 GB External. Oh baby. It's cheap, it's dirty good, it's not refurbished, and it's not too expensive but yet, still quite intimidating.

Disclaimer: I don't know how I'll buy all of this, but trust me, I shall get my dirty hands on it.

2) Hmm - can anyone better versed in tablets than I am sell me the benefits of actually getting a Wacom? If I do get it, it'd be the 4x6, and not too heavily used... in all probability. So! Tablet people, tell me where it's at (product, price, use, where to get it cheap[er]).

3) Things I've written lately: none. Things I've badly doodled lately: noner. But I have a cute icon of Jiji from Delivery Service, so it's all okay, right?

5) Actually - I lied! I have been writing things, sort of, or I was writing them a good while ago. This is a small bit of an Ouran fanfic I was planning on fleshing out (and completely editing, it's quite bad), but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Also, the manga's progressed quite a bit - and sort of rendered stuff I was planning completely wrong. Either way, if you want to have a looksee, you can peek.

Small Ouran fic snippet. )

6. Two days of instruction left. Whoo?
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Hooray grades! I like easy A's.

Please ignore Physics and PreCalc; they are soooo not important.
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Homework list for weekend:

- 3-6
- Socio Rsheet
- GG ch. 3-5, analysis
- packet part A-C
* A
* B
* C
- packet part D-F
* D
* E
* F
- eng. IR project
- nye packet
- AP Psych
- HOL stuff last, priority-wise
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Hey, school system? I'm going to beat you this year.

My parents are deserving of much love, as they got me an extremely pretty scanner for my birthday. I'm currently having technical difficulties with it, and that's probably because I'm too busy staring at how gorgeous it is. I'm a real dork. Nothing of this current sketchbook has been scanned, so I'm in for a good bit of work.

* 4.3 GPA
* >1000 HOL points
* skating again

Aiming high.
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I've got an appointment tomorrow for my eyes at 2:20 PM. I hope this helps me remember.

For being a writer, it's being very hard for me to even think about writing a CTY post. Ay. It's trapped in there, somewhere.

You know what? This year I'm set out to not disappointing anyone.

(... That doesn't mean that I won't have a nervous breakdown/crying fit in the hallway if I see Mr. Harris again. This will make school moreso difficult.)
(Erik, I am as much capable of disappointing you as I am of living up to your expectations. It's pressing.)
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Ever had this feeling of intense foreboding?

In other news, I am not, as I had imagined, failing math.

In truth, EVERYONE is failing math.

And this fact makes me feel somewhat better.

Just a bit.

Not really.
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English class, today.

"Very vague. Very vague. This answer would get... minus..."
"Ha. Ha ha."

I had the strangest All Your Base flashback.

"Make your time.
Ha ha ha."

Go forth, Mr. Harris! SET UP US THE BOMB!
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You can't be clinical when you are dealing with people. =\


ColorQuiz.com cyekitty took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Wants to make a favorable impression and be regard..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

As Ange said, it's scarily accurate.
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I'm sorry, Mr. Harris, I didn't mean to make you cry,

(I really meant to do your English homework.)

But I've been watching Prince of Tennis.


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