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Julia ([personal profile] floweranza) wrote2009-04-30 05:14 pm

Ohmiya Contest Drabbles

Ta-da! I got fourth place and it was a lot of fun. lovely I hope there'll be more contests like this...

It's the last dregs of summer. The trains run packed with laughing teenagers and families taking advantage of the passing breaths of freedom. A tangerine glaze is in the air, languid and humid.

Ohno's standing in between a young woman and a salaryman, watching the buildings pass by through the gaps between bodies. He's not really seeing it. In his head, he's trying to figure out how to paint the movements of a dancer in the hues of summer.

The painting is moving in his mind when the sway of the train brings him close to someone. He murmurs an apology. The bodies on all sides don't let him move away, and he's so close to the other they're rubbing elbows. Ohno looks up.

Closed eyes are illuminated and hidden by the dappled sun. It's a young man about Ohno's age, with slender shoulders and a long, thin face sheened slightly with sweat. There's a guitar case hung over his shoulder and blunt fingertips are playing notes on the strap. A quiet voice fits their rhythm and Ohno realizes that the young man is singing along, softly, "Dah, dah, dah..."

They're pulled away from each other, but Ohno sees the young man on the train again and again. It takes a while for Ohno to realize that the dancer in his head is moving to that quiet tune. One day, finally, he says hello.


Nino doesn’t understand how he feels towards Ohno. It’s not a surprise; he still doesn't understand much about himself either. Sometimes he feels frustrated, because the other four have successfully moved up into adulthood and he’s still stuck questioning himself because he just doesn’t know.

He’s had relationships. That isn’t the issue. Nino can get along with people, can be liked, can be loved and he can love, too. The problem is that it’s Ohno, the weirdest, funniest person he knows. He’s known Ohno for so long that he can’t tell if Ohno likes him the same way, whatever way it is that Nino likes Ohno.

He watches the way Ohno moves and the way the sweat beads on his skin. He touches Ohno but he doesn’t know in what way he’s touching him even though he should.

He’s all tangled up.


There are approximately five reasons Nino would let Ohno be on top.

1. Ohno is bendy. So is Nino, but Ohno can move better.
2. When Ohno applies himself to something he puts 100% of himself in it. Nino likes being pleased.
3. Nino likes the intensity of Ohno’s focus and wants it all to himself. He likes it how Ohno’s eyes would get intense and dark, like Nino underneath him is the most important thing, the only thing in the entire world.
4. Although Ohno’s almost as small as Nino, he’s solid. Nino knows that his own frame will never fill out. He’ll be slender for the rest of his life. But he knows that if Ohno were to lay over him, it’d be warm and he’d be covered completely and his deficiencies wouldn’t matter.
5. What it comes down to is trust. Nino doesn’t trust easily but he would trust Ohno to run his hands over Nino’s skin, across his collarbones and down his thighs and all the way to his feet. He would trust Ohno enough to close his eyes and shake and gasp, "Ohno," as Ohno kisses him over and over, "Nino, Nino.”

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