Feb. 21st, 2009

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God, I'm the worst LJer ever. My bad, sorry! I seriously have trouble believing the daily events in my life are that interesting, though some fun stuff does tend to happen. Occasionally, you know. Sometimes, sometimes.

I saw a friend (a floormate? International Crossroads Communitymate? friend?) for the last time in a while a few days ago. He's going to study abroad in Japan! Our small group had another nabe party with him, and we gathered messages from people on the floor in a little notebook-kind-of-thing. It ended up looking nice, ahaha. Enjoy yourself, たっく。

Anyway, back to, uh - education, I guess? I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for in it. I'm not sure how to articulate my feelings about it, either. I enjoy humanities courses, but at this point they seem so vapid, like putting unnecessarily complicated terms to the obvious. Is regurgitating these words on exams worth the thousands my family is spending on my education? Whenever we get to apply it to something (like a case study!), I'm so happy, but we don't get to do that much in these introductory courses. Maybe I just need to be patient, but at this point I'm really fed up. Intercultural Communication was labeled an intermediate course, but it seems even more useless than the introductory course to anthropology was. And I'm very interested in it, which makes me even angrier. Has anyone else had these kind of feelings about classes?

On the upside, Japanese is good, Russian is frustrating as hell but alright, I guess, and Interpretation of Lit is simple but has managed to bring up the good feelings about English classes that high school butchered out of me over four years in only a few class meetings.

Haha. Anyway. I had an appointment for new glasses this morning, since my old ones are held together with tape right now. No, really. It's almost unnoticeable, but they've kicked the bucket. I RESCHEDULED the appointment, since it was at 10:30AM and buses don't start running till between 11 and 12. NO WAY AM I WALKING THERE IN 5F WEATHER LOL. (lol Iowa. But it's warming up next week, again.) My glasses are already held together by scotch tape ala Harry Potter, it can't get worse over another few days.


I'd post some Arashi fic snippets, but I'm waiting on [livejournal.com profile] morimoli. I'm sending glares in the direction of downtown! Glaaaaare! じー!


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