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Global Exploration Day volunteering was too much fun! I gave a super simple explanation of kanji to about two sections of 75 elementary schoolers (3~5th grade) and then there was a game and it was so much fun. They're so cute. I'm freaking terrible at public speaking, but when it's just kids I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'm preeetty amazing. TO BE HONEST, I WANT TO DO THIS FOREVER. hint: jetjetjetjet

Moving on.

HahahaHAHAHA. (P.S. There is not going to be anything sensible in the stuff behind the cut. Please read it anyway.)
AnS #130 )

I want my Quiz Show!


Apr. 16th, 2009 02:34 pm
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I love sunny Iowa weather! It's freakin' 70F/21C here. MAJI DE.sun

This is why I never get anything done. )

Two of my lectures got cancelled tomorrow. Life is kind of sweeeeet.
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Hey guys! Help me out for a bit!

I'm in an Intercultural Communications course this semester, and my last big paper is to analyze a movie scene in an intercultural communication-y way (oh, obviously). I have a few ideas for which movie to use, but I'm not a big movie person - so for all the intensive movie-watching people on my flist, what movies would you recommend that have interesting scenes of intercultural interaction?

Would really appreciate your suggestions, yoroshikuuu! sparkleslightbulb
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Can't work on things that are actually WIPs wryyyy. shockudownarrow

Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Forest Spiders (lol). But Nino once spent two Game Nikki entries ranting about how when he couldn't catch a Gargoyle he went to find an online walkthrough, and then when it told him the Gargoyle couldn't even be caught he was absolutely DEVASTATED. Oh, Nino.

Word: Fidget
Rating: Pretty safe? Might make you fidget?
Pairings: Ohno/Nino, the rest of Arashi

Nino grins as he watches Ohno bring his nose closer to the paper, tongue peeking out the corner of his mouth in concentration. )

Word: Sofa
Rating: Safe like Aiba and lion cubs.
Pairings: Aiba+Jun, the sofa?

Jun glares down blearily. )
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Ah, well, I haven't been posting much because there hasn't been much to post! Even though it's my own journal, I'm not really fond of writing about personal matters or anything like that. It seems boring even to me, which is why I've always failed at private diaries. I don't get any reflection out of writing about my day, haha. Oh, I don't spend any time thinking in my own head, either. Absolutely an empty space! hehehehe

Well, yesterday was fun, though. I hung out with two of my friends and it was a time of overall Japanese-ness? If I can say that? Out of everyone I've met during this year at college, the closest of them have been from the Japanese program. It's truly fantastic here. It's sizable but not overally big, and you can really get to know people. We went to Aoeshe, had yummy sashimi (the boat it came on seemed too big! sweat) and Korean food, and then it was time for shopping. By shopping I mean spending my last five dollars on Ramune and stuff at the Asian market next door to the restaurant. Priorities, gotta keep them. Ramune remains a mystery-tasting drink... it was damn hard to open, too. wrench

Then we watched Ryuusei no Kizuna? Right? Right, that's what we did. We were watching it out in the hallway with Pocky trash and Pepsi cans all around us. Is this the correct college lifestyle?? Hahaha, it garnered less weird looks than you'd think. I live on a living-learning community (International Crossroads), so we have fun events and are generally close for a college floor, I'd say. So it's not weird to see people sitting out in the hallway just hanging out.

Oh, my favorite (obscure) Arashi song has to be もどり雨 from the 黄色い涙 soundtrack. It's old style, and it's really pretty to me for some reason. Well, probably because it reminds me of the Russian bard songs I grew up with. That style of music remains really appealing to me. (I like 涙の流れ星 too.) I'm really looking forward to the big Russian Music Festival I'll be going to when this school year finally ends. A good description of it (in English!) can be found at this random journal entry. Drunk Russians singing songs around campfires, what more can you ask for?

I'm off to a volunteer training session on teaching kanji to elementary schoolers for Global Exploration Day! キャー!! Excited!
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1. Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] morimoli for my LJ header! heart1lovely It's ridiculously pretty and makes this layout even more worth it. :D

2. I have a 日本語 flashcard army. (LOL easily amused) I'm sure anyone who's studied Japanese or any other foreign language has looked at their own giant piles of flashcards and thought, "Well, shit, I'm really in for it now..." And after you finish making all of them, then you can start studying with them, and then writing kanji over and over and it still looks like a chicken scribble at the end and OMG FUN. No, it really is! All hail my flashcard army kk.

3. snowman = over(?)! sun = please! I love these emoji and am so easily pleased.

4. Recently watched Mayonaka no Arashi number, uh... 4? And as a teenager Ohno had some REALLY INTENSE EYES. Right? Wow. I mean, he still gets fierce (fiiiierce) nowadays when he sings and dances and generally acts sexy, but man did he have some striking eyes about eight or nine years ago. Really, really pretty!

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->> HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] ferinough!! <<-

I can't draw and scan you pretty pictures, so I wrote a drabble based on [livejournal.com profile] ruisetsuna's awesome maid pic instead. XD! Enjoy!

Title: Part-time Jobs
Pairing: Sakumiya
Rating: FILTHY
A/N: LOLOL I write so much faster for birthdays, apparently! Happy birthday, Ferin! ♥

Nino doesn't know how they got here exactly, but at this point it's not much of a concern. )


Apr. 4th, 2009 06:33 pm
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♥1. New layout again! I like the orange and blue combination, even if orange is my eternal nemesis. (The fruit, not the colour. Sadly enough, I'm allergic.)


♥3. Haircut! )

♥4. Weekends here might be boring, but at least we have Grocery Bingo! Come to the University of Iowa for your Grocery Bingo!


Apr. 3rd, 2009 09:45 am
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[livejournal.com profile] morimoli's already posted about this but I live in Iowa too (at the moment) so I am full of joy. :D

Iowa Strikes Down Ban on Same-Sex Marriage!
More details hereee!

Jesus fucking christ hurry up New Jersey! Or I'll be ashamed!
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Squick rant. )

This week is madness. Madness. On the upside, Lifeguard!Jun (this thing still doesn't have a title and it's ~12000 words now, don't know whether to laugh or cry) just did something dashing. You go, girl.
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Ughhh. Today was dreadful. (Yesterday was fun and social. I'm not always like this!) It was so boring that I didn't even feel motivated enough to go find something to do and it snowed today, LOL IOWA. I'm in college but acting like a NEET! That's bad!

Actually, I wanted to eat dinner with some friends, but that venture ended disappointingly. (It never happened.) I guess I looked like I was starving, since my roommate whom I don't speak with much (we get along, but she's a Chinese exchange student who hangs out with other Chinese exchange students) gave me some convenience store sushi. Big thanks & it tasted fine! But not exactly a filling meal.

I'm really looking forward to this Ohmiya fic contest. GUYS, WRITE GOOD STUFF, OKAY? I MADE PROGRESS OF APPROXIMATELY TWO WORDS TODAY. Don't let me downnn.

AAA Kokuritsu! Big success! )

My mom + Arashi. Fateful showdown? )
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Cue grumpy Ohno icon. Have had no time to write fic. Only been writing assignments and papers! So depressing. Need to make time for hobbies, amirite?

For the new people on my flist, hello! ♥ I'm Julia. I like geekery, Arashi, international topics and I occasionally get my ass kicked by school resulting in a lack of any interesting posts. (OH BUT THAT INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION MIDTERM I WAS FREAKING OUT ABOUT, RIGHT? GOT ABOVE THE AVERAGE YEAAAAH. YEAH!)

Useless fic blather for my own resources & to make myself feel guilty. )

Waiting for that DVD to be subbed. Excitement! Now I'm going to go back to marathon!listening to GReeeeN songs and glumly staring at my agenda.
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In other news... there's no other news yet. Sorry!
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So I had sushi and sashimi with my dad today, and it was super delicious. :D He's found a cheap place that's still good, too! So resourceful.

...why am I still eating these mutated gummy bears?

So I was going through picspams, and... )

Uta no Oniisan Ep. 8, Finale! )
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01. S-SHO-CHAN PUT SOME CLOTHES ON (n-n-no, don't) ---g-g-goodness.

02. Totally unrelated to that (and may it never become related, honestly), I'm driving up to my dad's work tomorrow and we're going to have lunch! So fun! This has been a good break. Besides the whole 'yay, I love my dad ♥' thing, it's also the attributes of a college student come home and happy to have people pay for her food again... wonderful. Sorry guys, for the past 18 years I've been a freeloader, and as of yet it sees no end! Om nom nom.

03. New layout, props to [livejournal.com profile] allwashedout. I've been considering starting one of those scrapbook posts (they look fun!), but I don't know when all my current LJ settings started, so I thought I should start over from the beginning orrr sumthin'.


TOO SPARKLY, CAN'T STAND IT. (Gif by [livejournal.com profile] amnostashima.)

P.S. )
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Whateverrr. )

Title: Lifeguard!Jun, Part 1/?
Rating: Safe, for now!
Pairings: Eventually. For now, Aiba/Komodo dragons.
Summary: "Matsumoto-kun," his manager continues, gravely, "I know it's not like you anyway, but you have a month before it's officially announced and promotions begin. Look, I have to go, but please... please don't do anything strange during this time."

Jun, could you chop the onions? )
A/N: Jun is remarkably sane to write. ♥
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Anyway, a movie I watched recently was Go!. I really liked it, and I could identify with the main character's search for his identity (see totally pointless post under this one). Not his delinquency, though, don't worry. I recommend it, so see it if you have time!

Uhh. Also. I'm completely addicted to the Memories feature, even though it's the most retarded thing on the planet and extremely hard to change if you want to move things around. CAN'T HELP IT, THOUGH. Auuuugh! I also have the most anal system of memming but I guess it makes it easy to find things, as it were. And if you're wondering what kind of fics I'd rec to others, it's pretty much anything I've added to memories.

SPRING BREAK = fic writing time! By the waaaay, lifeguard!Jun (lol I'm writing this but it still makes me laugh) part 1/? is pretty much done so it'll go up, uhm, tomorrow? It's not all comedy, but I started it to get away from my Nino stuff for a while since that jerk gives me trouble. Srs business.

If only I gave my college papers such consideration.


Mar. 14th, 2009 05:13 am
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AHH, アアア、I HAVE A HOCKEY MOM! She just got up at 4:45 AM to take my brother to hockey! Crazy!

It's 5:15 now, and I got home from Iowa (where I go to school!) to New Jersey (where I live) about six hours ago. Can't sleep, though. Hyped up. Maybe bad Quiznos sub? But in any case, my mom and my brother just got up at the asscrack of dawn to spend all day doing hockey and I HAVE A HOCKEY MOM WHO WAKES UP AT 4:45AM ON SATURDAY TO DO THIS, IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT? I just had to post about this?? Right?

(My mom has Livejournal so she'll likely see this, IT'S NOT RIGHT, MOM.) (lolol I'm kidding, you're great.)

Oh god, I need to sleep. Fic coming soon, whatever. Cue: lifeguard Matsujun with Baywatch music and swinging junk in his shorts. No, it's more serious than that, kind of.


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